Revolutionize Code Reviews with AI-Powered Insights

Automated code reviews based on security & engineering best practices
Detect unforeseen vulnerabilities and receive actionable fix suggestions
Interactive chatbot for clarification & additional details

Supply Chain Security Simplified

Are you a developer who is tired of fragmented DevOps Security Tools? Are you not making enough progress on security remediations? StepSecurity platform enables DevSecOps security controls and automates remediation in seconds
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SaaS service for GitHub repositories

No need to provide API keys or host anything to enable AI-CodeReview

StepSecurity AI-CodeWise is a completely managed solution that can be deployed by using the StepSecurity GitHub action

No app installation required for public repositories

Enable AI-CodeWise by adding a GitHub Action workflow

Improve your coding without any fuss. Commit a GitHub Action workflow file into your repository to get started.

Secure Open-Source Repositories with zero friction

Visit SecureRepo, enter repository, and create remediation pull requests.

No app installation or onboarding required for public repositories

Private repository support in preview

Outpost deployment lives in customer’s GitHub environment

StepSecurity doesn’t have access to private code repositories. In addition, you can audit all StepSecurity actions via GitHub execution logs.

SecGitOps with StepSecurity Resource Manager 

Create and maintain policy-driven secure GitHub resources 

StepSecurity Resource manager empowers organizations to create repeatable and compliant GitHub resources.

Did you know that in the Codecov breach, credentials were exfiltrated from thousands of build servers for over 2 months? 


Step up your code security

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