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Software supply chain security reimagined

Complexity in today’s distributed software supply chain has led to severe, large scale security incidents. StepSecurity helps you secure your software release and distribution supply chain with a multipoint end to end platform.

StepSecurity App

Secure Workflows

Automatically secure workflows by setting minimum token permissions and pinning dependencies. Recommended by Open Source Security Foundation.

Harden Runner

Detect malicious packages and compromised build tools in your CI/ CD pipeline with a purpose-built security agent to monitor the runtime CI/CD behavior

Secrets Manager

Use MFA and other Just In Time secrets in CI/CD workflows

Release Monitor

Define release policy as code and validate governance for all software releases

Build Reproducer

Reproduce builds in separate build environments to confirm integrity of the supply chain

Trusted By Open-Source Projects

Enterprise Case Study

Kapiche improves their software supply chain security with StepSecurity.

"Since enabling Harden Runner in our projects, we have much higher confidence and observability into what our build process is doing. This is just one step in a much broader piece of work we are doing to increase the trust in our supply chain security"
-Cam Parry
Staff Site Reliability Engineer

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Looking to sharpen your software supply chain security skills?

Try supply chain goat, our hands-on tutorial playground. You can also register for a free instructor-led session to learn about past software supply chain attacks.

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Liran Tal

GitHub Star, and Author of Essential Node.js Security

I think this is a great idea and for the threat model of build-time, an immediate network egress request monitoring makes a lot of sense

Wenqi Glantz

Software Architect, ArisGlobal

Harden-Runner is a Must-Have GitHub Action to Prevent Supply Chain Attacks.  StepSecurity is the one-stop-shop to harden your GitHub Actions and ensure peace of mind.

Jordan Harband

Open Source Maintainer

Harden-Runner strikes an elegant balance between ease-of-use, maintainability, and mitigation that I intend to apply to all of my 300+ npm packages. I look forward to the tool’s improvement over time

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