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42% DevOps teams struggle to prioritize, track, and remediate security issues

StepSecurity App empowers developers to remediate and eliminate software supply chain security gaps with ease

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StepSecurity App

Repository Governance

Track security governance violations across all of your repositories. Objectively improve security score against industry standards

Automated Pull Requests

Save developer effort and effectively remediate software supply chain security issues via automated pull requests

Runtime Monitoring

Unique CI/CD runtime insights and runtime control enforcement


Liran Tal

GitHub Star, and Author of Essential Node.js Security

I think this is a great idea and for the threat model of build-time, an immediate network egress request monitoring makes a lot of sense

Wenqi Glantz

Software Architect, ArisGlobal

Harden-Runner is a Must-Have GitHub Action to Prevent Supply Chain Attacks.  StepSecurity is the one-stop-shop to harden your GitHub Actions and ensure peace of mind.

Jordan Harband

Open Source Maintainer

Harden-Runner strikes an elegant balance between ease-of-use, maintainability, and mitigation that I intend to apply to all of my 300+ npm packages. I look forward to the tool’s improvement over time

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