🎉🔐 Introducing the game-changing Org-Wide Dashboard for Secure Software Development!

Empowering Organizations with Comprehensive Security Insights: Unveiling the Secure Software Development Scorecard (SSDS)

Varun Sharma
April 17, 2023

We're thrilled to announce our innovative dashboard, designed to supercharge your organization's security practices! 🔥 Say hello to Secure Software Development Scorecard (SSDS) – your go-to tool for tracking and improving security and attesting to secure software development practices. 🛡️

🔍 SSDS offers insights into your organization's secure software development practices. Monitor your projects' security posture and take the necessary steps to boost it! Check out StepSecurity's public dashboard: https://app.stepsecurity.io/github/app/step-security/step-security/repositories  

📈 The dashboard showcases vital metrics: average score across GitHub repositories, total automated fixes available, and potential score improvements through automation. We leverage OpenSSF Scorecard, a well-known open-source project, to calculate your security score. Over 4000 GitHub repositories already use OpenSSF Scorecard to monitor their scores, and the scores are also available on https://deps.dev for thousands of GitHub repositories. SSDS takes it further by aggregating the Scorecard scores at an org-level, providing organizations with an overall score. 🌟

🤖 Embrace automation to save time, resources and strengthen your security posture. I had blogged earlier about how developers already use StepSecurity to apply security best practices to increase their OpenSSF Scorecard score. With the dashboard, developers can identify areas lacking across repositories using charts and apply best practices using pull requests. 💯

🚀 This week, we're sharing SSDS with select organizations that have public GitHub repositories so that they can experience its perks firsthand. Organizations can claim their scorecard to unlock additional features, like assigning security champions, applying security best practices across repositories, and refreshing scores on demand! 🌐

🔮 Stay tuned for more features like peer score comparisons and trend observations to help you maintain a robust security posture. 📊

🗣️ We'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback! Help us create a platform that caters to organizations striving for secure software development. To provide your feedback, create an issue in our public repository: https://github.com/step-security/secure-repo