Our Story

When the SolarWinds and Codecov breaches unfolded, we were driving CI/CD security initiatives at our previous employers. The glaring lack of security in CI/CD pipelines that these incidents highlighted compelled us to start StepSecurity.

We looked around, spoke with peers, and realized there was no solution to prevent such CI/CD attacks. So, a couple of years back, we started building our product in the open and offered it for free to help secure CI/CD pipelines for open-source developers. Little did we know that it would be the beginning of something special.


StepSecurity is driven by a team of seasoned security professionals who have built hyper-scale security functions at Microsoft, Uber, and Plaid. We are on a mission to build the best CI/CD security platform.

Varun Sharma

CEO & Co-Founder

Principal Software Security Eng Manager Microsoft​
Led Green team to remediate systemic security issues
15 years of experience in Security​

Ashish Kurmi​

CTO & Co-Founder

Lead Security Engineer, Plaid, Uber, Microsoft​
Simplified security for developers and cloud customers​
12 years of experience in Security & Eng​

Our Fantastic Advisors

Sekhar Sarrukai​

Co-Founder, SkyHigh Security

David Cross​

CISO, Oracle SaaS Cloud

Gagan Gulati​

VP, NetApp

Jordan Harband​

Open-source maintainer​

Ram Shankar Siva Kumar​

Principal Product Manager, Microsoft​

Backed by leading VCs

Meet our angels

Anmol Malhotra

Head of Product Security, Coinbase

Ash Devata

CEO, GreyNoise

Ashish Popli

CISO, Spotnana

David Cross

Venture Partner, Rain Capital

Deepen Desai

CSO, Zscaler

Kamal Shah

CEO, Prophet Security

Lucas Moody

SVP & CISO, Alteryx

Prabhdeep Singh

CEO, Neonomic

Rinki Sethi

VP & CISO, Bill.com

Sekhar Sarukkai

Co-Founder, Skyhigh Networks

Travis McPeak

CEO, Resourcely

Our values

Customer Obsession

We put the customer at the heart of everything we do, building our strategies around their needs. While acknowledging competitors, our focus is on earning and maintaining customer trust through consistent service.


We value agility in our decisions, understanding that quick, well-considered actions drive progress. We embrace calculated risks and acknowledge that many decisions can be reversed, allowing us to maintain momentum.


We foster a culture of reliance, where trust in colleagues is foundational. We believe in collaboration, recognizing that teamwork strengthens our ability to succeed together.


We think ahead and consider company's long-term goals, not just immediate wins. We take initiative beyond our immediate team, recognizing that each decision impacts the entire organization.


Founding GTM Sales Lead

You will drive our end-to-end sales process, work closely with the founders, and manage the sales pipeline. You are very hands-on and can be creative with limited resources. This is a critical role for the company with huge, significant career growth potential. You will help build and potentially lead a sales organization as the company grows.

Founding User Experience Designer

We’re seeking a visionary web UX Designer to spearhead the user experience for our security platform. Your role involves applying UX/UI best practices, staying abreast of emerging technologies, and providing strategic user interaction design insights. You will play a pivotal role and significantly influence the user experience of our industry-leading cybersecurity platform. You will collaborate closely with our seasoned engineering team.

Founding Senior Systems Engineer

You will be pivotal in designing and implementing security agents for multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Kubernetes. This role lets you leverage a first-principles approach to innovate CI/CD-specific security solutions from scratch. This is a high-impact role, as you would be working on cutting-work on cutting-edge CI/CD security solutions to advance the CI/CD security industry.

Founding Front-End Engineer

You will take ownership of the StepSecurity App portal. This is a high-impact role as your contributions will be used by thousands of developers from reputed organizations globally. As the founding UI engineer, you will set the standard for UI best practices, own engineering processes, and partner closely with the UX designer and other engineers to deliver a world-class web experience.