Our Team

StepSecurity was founded by veteran security leaders who built hyper scale security functions for their previous employers. We are on a mission to empower developers with easy to use solutions to secure software supply chain.

Varun Sharma

CEO & Co-Founder

Principal Software Security Eng Manager Microsoft​
Led Green team to remediate systemic security issues
15 years of experience in Security​

Ashish Kurmi​

CTO & Co-Founder

Lead Security Engineer, Plaid, Uber, Microsoft​
Simplified security for developers and cloud customers​
12 years of experience in Security & Eng​

Our Fantastic Advisors

Sekhar Sarrukai​

Co-Founder, SkyHigh Security

David Cross​

CISO, Oracle SaaS Cloud

Gagan Gulati​

VP, NetApp

Jordan Harband​

Open-source maintainer​

Ram Shankar Siva Kumar​

Principal Product Manager, Microsoft​

Jatin Kumar​

Software Developer

Shubham Malik

Software Developer

Arjun Dashrath​

Software Developer

Aman Singh

Software Developer

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